Zaslow & Amber: Can You Be Considered A Kid If You're 26?

Duncan Robinson
Photo credit © Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the first Friday with sports!! Emphasis on the SPORTS, plural. Zas and Amber are struggling hard to recover from last night’s Instagram Live Happy Hour.  Dr. Anthony Fauci had an awful first pitch yesterday afternoon. Miami Heat Sharpshooter Duncan Robinson joins the show.

Zas and Amber are blood-related as they both are both blood type O-. If you’re 26 years old, should a person older than you be allowed to call you a kid? Amber recalls the time she was made felt old by a 21-year-old… mind she was only 24 at the time. What the hell does “Yeet” mean?

The Washington Football Team’s new radio voice Julie Donaldson joins the show to talk about her new position with the team and her time working with the Miami Heat. Fox Sports Florida’s Jessica Blaylock joins the show to talk about MLB Opening Day. We play some Big Deal/Not a Big Deal.

Amber doesn’t understand how to use technology to watch games on the Fox Sports Heat App. Who was the star of this week’s Flub Friday? The triumphant return of Big Game/Not A Big Game.