Zaslow, Romberg & Amber: Takedown

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Ken Rosenthal wrote a hit piece on dog-hater, Gary Denbo. Everybody’s a horse racing expert now. People are legit outraged about the GoT coffee cup. The Scientology Cruise is still quarantined. NBA Playoffs are still great, as the Rockets tie up the series with the Warriors. Do the Warriors just not play as hard since KD joined the team? The Denbo article is a bad look for Jeter. Denbo is huge jerk.

Macho Marlins Man stands up for his boy Gary Denbo.Stephen A hints at LeBron setting the stage to leave LA. Tool of The Week nominees include Paul Pierce and overagressive handshake guy. Why aren't the Warriors better? Is Kyrie going to leave Boston?

Magic Johnson is tweeting hot fire, as usual. What will KD do if the Warriors lose this early? Gus Frerotte joins the show to discuss the Dolphins quarterback situation.