Gary Payton thinks the Heat can be the 3rd best team in the East

NBA Hall of Famer joined Hoch and Crowder to preview the NBA Season

There isn’t much debate about who the top two teams in the NBA’s Eastern Conference are… the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets are considered one and two, respectively, on almost everyones list. The question is who comes next?

According to NBA legend and 2006 champion with the Miami Heat, Gary Payton, the third seed could belong to Miami at the end of the season.

“I already think they’re in the top 3. They have to be,” Payton said. “I think they will be a tough out in any playoff matchup against anybody.”

Payton also called Miami a “legit” basketball team and made it clear he believes they’ll be in the conversation at the end of the season in the East.

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