Michael Bennett Jokes About Super Bowl XLIX Fight: 'I Always Wanted to Punch Gronk in the Face'


Chris Long and Michael Bennett were both key cogs in the 2018 Philadelphia defense that no one dared to run against, drawing a league-low 332 attempts throughout the season. But it wasn't reminiscing about their time together on the Eagles that stole the show when the two former defensive linemen sat down to chat on Long's podcast.

In the latest episode of "Green Light with Chris Long," the two talked on everything from dealing with retirement to whether or not they think religion has a place in football. But a brief snippet toward the end of the show focused on a different topic altogether: Rob Gronkowski.

"Whose fault was the brawl at the end of the Super Bowl?" Long asked, referring to the incident that resulted in the only ejection in Super Bowl history.

Irvin apologized for his actions, saying that he "saw somebody hit Mike Bennett, so (he) went and backed up (his) brother," (via NY Post). You'll see that Irvin's close-fisted punch came after Bennett, wearing No. 72 for Seattle, came charging at Gronk, an action he then repeated.

"It was all of our faults," Bennett said. "I think everybody was just mad, you know. It's not my fault.

"I just always wanted to punch Gronk in the face... I just feel like Gronk got away with so much stuff that other people in the NFL couldn't get away from. I think I was a little bit jealous."

Bennett clarified that he does, in fact, think Gronk is a great guy, but that the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Long laughed and mentioned that the jealousy may have stemmed from the fact that Bennett "didn't get away with s***." Long's thought is pretty accurate -- Bennett was in the top ten in player penalties in 2017 (T-5 with 12 penalties), 2014 (T-3 with 12 penalties), 2013 (T-6 with 10) and so on (via Football DB) -- and he probably recalled a specific event from their time together in Philadelphia to support his claim.

Bennett agreed with Long, acknowledging that he didn't get away with the same stuff that Gronk did.

"No, not like him," Bennett said. "He says some stuff (where) you'd be like, 'Did he just say that?' "

Bennett has also displayed some understandable bias against Gronk before. After all, there was probably one person on earth who felt that Martellus Bennett was ever a better tight end than Gronkowski, and who else would it be but the former Bears and Pats tight end's brother?

Long went on to explain that, during his short stint with the Patriots, Gronk was actually a "model citizen as a teammate (who) never partied (and) was always diligent and studious," despite the party animal image he has.

"In my experience in Foxborough... he was pretty under-the-radar," Long said.

Gronk? Under the radar? That doesn't seem to compute, especially after some claims we've heard coming after his stint in the WWE. However, we do know one guy who loves having him around: Mr. Tom Brady.

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