Flight attendant recalls final conversation with hijacked crew before 9/11 attacks

"They were never able to go home and see their friends & family."

On the morning of September 11, 2001, three flights were set to depart from Boston to Los Angeles.

Two of those planes were hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center in New York. The third was escorted by F-15 fighter jets and made an emergency landing in Cleveland.

Katie Donatelli was on that third plane.

She shared her memories of that day on the "Heather & Anthony" show on the eve of that tragic day from the final conversation she had with the crew of American Airlines Flight 11.

"It was a regular day, we were on the bus sitting with the American Airlines crew," Katie, a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, explained. "We had some small chit-chat, 'Oh, how was your day?' 'What does your day consist of?' 'Just going home, how nice is that?'"

Once the shuttle bus had arrived, the crews went their separate ways and departed not knowing what was to happen that day.

Anthony, Katie's son, mentioned how eerie that must have been looing back, knowing that she had just spoke to those flight attendants hours before the attacks.

"My thoughts were when I did find out, all I could think about were the flight attendants never being able to go home, see their families, see their friends," Katie said. "That will always be in my mind."

Hear the full conversation below: