I'm Listening 2021: Alumni Thomas Rhett on the importance of honesty and communication

Thomas describes his unwavering belief in always having honest conversations with those you trust
Thomas Rhett
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By , Audacy

Audacy is proud to announce our fifth annual I’m Listening special happening on Thursday, September 23 at 6PM on all Audacy stations and on the Audacy appI’m Listening is a 365-day-a-year initiative that aims to encourage those who are dealing with mental health issues to understand they are not alone. Once a year we pause on every Audacy station across the country to demonstrate that it’s okay not to be OK.

As we prepare for our 2021 broadcast, we're listening back to some of our 2020 all-star guests whose mental health wisdom has continued to ring true as we surge forward.

During last year's special, Country star Thomas Rhett told us about how his family has consistently been his "rock," as well as his unwavering belief in always having honest conversations with those you trust.

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"When you're struggling, I think when you're around people that you can trust with the information that you're laying on them, I just think it's better to talk about it," says Thomas. "The more you can get off your chest rather than hone in on that and bask in your anxiety, and bask in your stress, I think it just makes it ten times worse." He adds, "definitely leaning on other people who are more experienced than you in the matter. At least for marriage, I love talking to people who have been married a lot longer than I have because you've just been through more. I think the advice you can give to other couples like that is tremendous."

"I really just think finding people you can trust to talk to," Thomas says, "would be the best bit of advice I could give."

In the early stages of the pandemic and lockdowns, Thomas, like the rest of us found himself buried in his phone, desperately trying to keep some sort of connection. As time went on, he admits not needing that distraction. "I started to actually be present in my home and talked to my family in a more genuine way," he says. While Thomas and wife Lauren do take some alone time to decompress, he says he and the family "get in the bed and watch a movie every night together. It's a good time at the end of the day to relax and wind down."