Christmas IQ

presented by: Orrstown Bank
Christmas IQ

Today's 101-9 and Orrstown Bank want to know how smart you are by testing your Christmas IQ! Tune into Greg & Gina at 8am, every weekday between November 22 and December 17 (excluding November 25 & 26) for the Christmas IQ, presented by Orrstown Bank.
Each day, Greg and Gina will solicit for the first caller and ask them a Holiday themed trivia question. If they correctly answer the question, that person will win $101.00, if not, the prize money rolls over to the next day increasing the prize jackpot.
The current jackpot for 12/07/21 is $303.00
Congratulations to Kerry Deangelis who won $303 on 11/24/21!
Congratulations to Brendan O'Connell who won $202 on 11/30/21!
Congratulations to Dawn Perrin who won $303 on 12/03/21!

Contest Dates:

November 22, 2021 at 6:00am ET through December 17, 2021 at 10:00am ET

For the Christmas IQ on-air contest, listen to Today’s 101.9 each weekday Monday to Friday, November 22, 2021 to December 17, 2021, between 8:00am ET and 9:00 am ET excluding November 25 and 26, 2021. The on-air host, through an on-air announcement, will invite listeners to call the studio number at 410-823-1019 to answer a holiday themed trivia question. The designated caller will have 3 seconds to answer the trivia question. The 3 seconds will begin immediately after the on air personality completes asking the question. If the designated caller as announced by the on air personality, correctly answers the one (1) question with in 3 seconds, they will receive $101.00. If they answer incorrectly or fail to answer the question within 3 seconds, then the same question is asked the next contest day and the prize money from the previous day is added to that day’s prize money. There will be up to, but no more than eighteen (18) winners in this contest. Winner’s prize will be mailed to them, in the form of a check, once winner completes the winner release form. Winner will have ten (10) business days from winning to complete the winner release form or they forfeit the prize.  Total prize is value will vary per winner, but will be no less than $101.00. Prize Provider: Orrstown Bank. Otherwise, Today’s 101-9 (WLIF) general contest rules apply and are available HERE.