Salt truck driver dumps salt on police during high-speed chase

By , 98.7 KLUV

A salt truck driver in Ohio got into a high-speed chase with police last week after he almost smashed into an officer who was writing a ticket for a separate incident.

Omar Armstrong, 36, came within inches of hitting the officer, though was able to completely nail him with his salt spray, reports WLWT.

A chase commenced as the officer didn't take kindly to getting sprayed with salt and nearly being crashed into.

A report from the outlet shows Armstrong trying everything in his power to not get pulled over, which included pouring more salt on the officers in pursuit.

This didn't stop the cops from continuing to chase the driver, however. After about a half-hour pursuit, Armstrong was pulled over and taken into custody.

He is now facing charges of reckless operation of a motor vehicle, and failure to comply.

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