Carrie Underwood is always willing to sacrifice comfort for fabulous costume changes

‘If it looks fabulous enough that I could take not breathing… then, it’s worth it”
Carrie Underwood
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Incredible production, powerful vocals and stunning costume changes are all a sure bet at any Carrie Underwood tour stop, but Carrie shares her shows don’t always come without sacrifice.

LISTEN NOW: Carrie Underwood joins Katie Neal for the Superstar Power Hour

Underwood recently joined Audacy’s Katie Neal for the Superstar Power Hour and discussed all the creative aspects that go into her tours and what fans can expect from her Denim & Rhinestones trek.

“There’s a lot of things we’re doing that we haven’t done before,” Underwood said of her Denim & Rhinestones tour. “I feel like we’re in such a good creative space… I feel like everybody has really just upped their game. We’ve been rehearsing lately and kind of adding new flavors to songs we’ve been playing for a really long time. Just kind of keeping things fresh and exciting.”

Carrie is also looking to keep her wardrobe fresh and exciting and she admits sometimes that means sacrificing some comfort (depending on how fabulous the piece is).

“This time I feel like my shoes don’t have to be as comfortable as I’ve needed them to be in the past,” she said of her expectations.

“Everything has to be quick-change-able, not too complicated. I don’t want things to be super-super tight when I’m singing just because it makes it harder to breathe but, who needs air??” She laughed. “If it looks fabulous enough that I could take not breathing as well, then, [its worth it].”

The sacrifices seem to be paying off as Carrie is celebrating another nomination in the Entertainer of the Year category, among others, at this year’s CMA Awards.

“Obviously [I’m] super excited,” she said of learning the news. “I knew that the nominations were coming out the next morning, but by the time the next morning got there I totally forgot and was going about my day, then I looked at my phone and I had text messages and I was like, ‘Oh! Nice!’” She squealed. “It was kind of nice to not be anticipating [because] then I would have been nervous.”

Hear more about her recent nominations, tour and why she encourages everyone to thank a quinoa farmer by listening to her full conversation with Katie Neal above.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images