You Choose the News with Jason, Katie, and Erin!

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Three different news stories, three different headlines. All you have to do is choose the one you want to hear!

Jason: Chick-Fil-A added something to their menu that has people freaking out...
           Chick-Fil-A is adding mac and cheese to their menu! That would be my pleasure to try. 
Katie: The world's first hotel for WHAT?

           There is a hotel where you can check in your house plants when you go on vacation. Instead of asking a neighbor and worrying if they'll remember to water them, you can just drop them off at a 'plant hotel.' Honestly, it's a genius idea. 

Erin: There is a new sandwich coming up that I will definitely not try...

         Oscar Meyer announced that they are unveiling a new ice cream sandwich with bits of candied hot dog meat and spicy mustard ice cream...You cannot pay me enough to try it (well maybe you could)