5 tips for cooking a Thanksgiving turkey


I connected with Chef Jamie from Uproar Chicago, a new restaurant at 1252 N Wells St in Chicago. Jamie is a Chicago native and while studying all around the country, she says a lot of her influences come from her heritage and her mom.

They say that 25% of people will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year because of the pandemic. Chef Jamie took a few min to give us a few tips to help us serve the best bird possible.

1) Don't Panic
2) Make sure the bird is properly thawed before cooking
3) How to get a crispy skin
4) How to evenly season the bird
5) The perfect temperature and a thermometer recommendation

Uproar Chicago is also offering meal kits if you don't want to cook. All that info is below. #ShopLocal

You can get the whole podcast and all the tips below!

You can see more about Uproar Chicago at Uproarchi.com

Meet Chef Jamie Below!