US*99 needs your help to "Touch the Troops"

Touch the Troops
Photo credit Audacy

US*99 needs your help to Touch The Troops this Valentine's Day.

Now more than ever, our servicemen and women need our support. Show your love to our military personnel by sending them a Valentine's Day card!

Grab the kids, your church, friends, etc and start creating your valentines for the troops!

Purchase or create a Valentine's Day card of your own with a stamp and address it to:

Touch The Troops
P.O. Box 538 Wallburg, NC 27373

If you'd like to share your cards with us, take a photo and post it on social media with the hashtag, #US99TouchTheTroops

Letter writing guidelines:

Keep the letters uplifting and happy
Be encouraging
No photos
No glitter
No loose items will be accepted
No foreign objects
No foul language

We love our Troops and we love our country, thanks for helping US*99 spread some love this Valentine's Day!