High school assignment on 'chivalry' asked girls to curtsy, dress to impress males and not 'whine'

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A high school in Lubbock, Texas is getting a lot of unwanted attention this week thanks to a Tweet revealing an assignment for what they called "Chivalry Day."

The assignment's stated purpose was to demonstrate "how the code of chivalry and standards set in the medieval concept of courtly love carries over into the modern day."

Though we don't know what male students were assigned to do, we do know that it called for female students to "obey any reasonable request of a male" and to dress to "please" male students, among other tasks that needed to be carried out through the entire day including after school and at home.

The assignment has since been pulled, reports Newsweek. But not before a parent posted a photo of the assignment to Twitter on Wednesday.

Some of the 11 total duties in the assignment included walking behind men "as if their feet were bound," "not complain or whine," "clean up after the men" and "bring in root beer, ginger ale or sparkling cider for the gentlemen in their class."

The students were also asked to request signatures from males attesting to them accomplishing each of those duties. The assignment read: "All ladies deemed worthy of the honor by the gentlemen will receive 10 points for every signature at the end of the day. Fathers and other adult males must insist on following the rules into the evening and may report to the judges (redacted) on these matters."

The school district said in a statement to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal newspaper, that its officials had reviewed and spoken about the issue with the teacher who gave the assignment.

"This assignment has been reviewed, and despite its historical context, it does not reflect our district and community values," the statement read.

"The matter has been addressed with the teacher, and the assignment was removed."

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