Alderman criticize policing in the city, department leader during online forum

Chicago Police Superintendent  David Brown
Photo credit Scott Olson/Getty Images

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO ) -- Chicago’s police superintendent came under sharp criticism Monday at an online forum on crime in the city.

The panel discussion featured four aldermen: Brian Hopkins of the 2nd Ward, Anthony Beale of the 9th, Raymond Lopez of the 15th and Chris Taliaferro of the 29th.

At one point, they were asked: Would you raise your hand if you have confidence in Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown?

Only Taliaferro’s hand went up.  He is chairman of the Public Safety Committee.

“I understand how difficult it is to run the department," he said. "It’s easy to sit back from a leather chair in an aldermanic office to say what a superintendent should do.”

However, Lopez begged to differ. He told the panel he asked for Brown’s resignation twice.

“He has been nothing more than an absent superintendent, living month-to-month in the city because he doesn’t know when he’s going to be fired, being the foil for the mayor to implement her own policies directly onto the police department,” Lopez stated.

Hopkins said the crime in the city is at a very bad state.

“This is a crisis.  And it’s something that we’ve never faced before.  And if we don’t resolve it I really fear for the future of our city.”

Beale advocates bringing in the National Guard to downtown. “I’ve never asked for them to patrol the community.  But if you go downtown and you have officers sitting on the corner, they’re not patrolling either.  It’s just the presence."

“So bring the National Guard in, put them downtown to have the presence.  And put those officers… back in the community to fight crime.”