Police supporters march through Chicago with police escort, unclear if they obtained permit

Chicago police SUVs
Chicago police vehicles have been escorting CPD supporters through the city's streets, though it's unclear if they obtained the proper permits required for such an escort. Photo credit Scott Olson/Getty Images

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) —For three days this week, a small band of Chicago police supporters has been marching through the city’s streets with police escorts.

Robert Swiderski, of Running for Blue Lives, said since Tuesday, he and others have been parading from one police district to another in the city — 80 miles in all — to let Chicago police know they’re appreciated.

Swiderski said, and social media posts confirmed, that Chicago police have escorted anywhere from three to eight marchers, many times down major streets like Milwaukee Avenue and Clark Street, with police lights flashing.

The marchers carried a Blue Lives Matter flag, a Suicide Prevention Awareness flag and a Chicago police flag.

WBBM asked Swiderski whether he had obtained a parade permit for his group’s three days of marches on city streets. He abruptly cut off the questioning and said his group had arrived at its next destination, the 18th Police District.

We’ve asked the City of Chicago whether parade permits were issued and whether police were authorized to escort the marchers.

Chicago police spokesman Don Terry told WBBM Newsradio he’s asking around for information.  The Chicago Department of Transportation is the city agency that would approve a parade permit, if one had been requested.

Swiderski said when his group arrived at each of the 22 police districts, marchers delivered “thousands of thank you letters and cards that we have gotten from all across the country that let our officers know that they’re truly appreciated.”

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