Unsolved murders, disappearances of Little Village women have community demanding answers

Rosa Maria Chacon
Rosa Maria Chacon. Photo credit GoFundMe

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — The unsolved murders of two women, whose bodies were found recently in alleys in the Little Village neighborhood — along with four women reported missing this year — had activists and family demanding answers on Wednesday.

“Latinas are being targeted,” said one woman who wished to remain anonymous. “What are the cops doing about it?”

Activists gathered outside Area 4 Police Headquarters. Among them was Baltazar Enriquez, president of the Little Village Community Council.

“It’s not right that instead of them helping us find our children, find our women, they accuse us and treat us like we’re the criminals,” Enriquez said. “We’re the victims, and they have learned to re-victimize us again.”

Elizabeth Bello is the older sister of one of the victims, 21-year-old Rosa Maria Chacon, whose body was found in a cart in an alley.

“I just want to know who did this to her,” Bello said. “Why did they leave her the way they left her? For the police to have told me and my family that she was not in any danger, she was not a priority.”

Enriquez said police need to be more humane, and Bello echoed that sentiment.

“Why did they do this?” Bello said. “Regardless of her past, she is a human being. She is a person, and we need justice. There’s too many girls, especially from Little Village, that are just, ‘OK, it’s done, case closed. Move on.’ No.”

Police might have more success, the activists said, if they get to know the people they’re supposed to be serving and protecting.

Chicago police have insisted that the four missing persons cases are not related.

Two GoFundMe campaigns have been organized for the families of Chacon and Reina Cristina Ical Seb.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: GoFundMe