Teen organizes blood drive after rebounding from coronavirus

Blood bag Photo credit Getty Images

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A blood drive Monday afternoon in Geneva came straight out of the playbook of a high school student and football player who is no stranger to COVID-19.

After dealing with what he called a mild case of the virus back in November, Geneva High School senior Konnor Mickelsen wanted to help those who weren’t so lucky.

“I had COVID and decided it would be a great idea to donate if I could,” he said. “I was just so fortunate to recover.”

That donation of convalescent plasma was just the beginning, and eventually turned into Monday’s Geneva Strong Community Blood Drive.

“It’s just something so simple, so easy and there’s always a need for the blood.”

With blood and blood products in great demand as the pandemic continues, Mickelesen isn’t ruling out similar efforts in the future.

“What I’ve been so happy to see,” he says, is “the amount of younger people trying to get involved and help the community out.”