Beuerlein: Lot of respect for Justin Fields but Matt Ryan still has gas in the tank


NFL Analyst Steve Beuerlein joined Dukes & Bell and talked about the quarterbacks in the NFL draft, and why it might not make sense to draft a quarterback early in the draft with Matt Ryan still having some tread on the tires.

When asked about the quarterback class in the draft.

“I really gained a lot of respect for Justin Fields in the semifinal game and the way that he played after taking that rib shot. It really showed a lot to me about his toughness and his ability to stand in there and make plays.” Beuerlein said “I really believe he improved his stock significantly by showing what a tough competitor he is and how he can give it up for his team and still stand in there and make plays for his team even when he’s obviously much less than one hundred percent.”

Beuerlein said he thinks it’ll be tough for team to find an upgrade over Matt Ryan.

“You got Matt Ryan there, I think it’s going to be awful hard to find an upgrade on him. If you talk about someone coming in backing him up for a few years, then getting a few more years out of Matt Ryan, I think that would make a lot of sense. Because who knows how many more years he’s got but I still think he’s got some gas in the tank.”