Bijan Robinson only needed 2 games to become the face of the Atlanta Falcons

The Morning Shift explains why Atlanta’s rookie running back has already established himself as their best player

As expected Bijan Robinson has taken the league by storm with his performances on the field during the first two weeks of the season, and not only has he proved that he was worth the eighth overall pick but he has also proved he’s already the Falcons best player.

“Bijan Robinson is the best player on the Atlanta Falcons team right now, today, he’s the best player, he is the best player on this roster, because honestly the one thing you could nit pick on him is probably pass protection and he’s already gotten better after one week on that too.” Beau Morgan said

Mike Johnson isn’t sure how many wins the Falcons have without Bijan Robinson this season.

“I don’t know if this team is 2-0 without Bijan Robinson. I don’t know if they're 1-1 without Bijan Robinson. You could make the argument that without Bijan the past couple of weeks that this is just not a very explosive offense, and he brings that explosion and he brings that ability.”

Mike continues by saying “Now, you could say other players would have stepped up, and all this.  I just don’t know, I mean you don’t know, you are lucky to have him as part of the franchise right now, he’s been that electric through two weeks.”

Now, it is possible where the best player could not be the face of the franchise, but that isn’t the case with Bijan. The team knows it, the players know it, and the fans know it, this is Bijan Robinson’s team and he is the face of the Atlanta Falcons.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Brett Davis | 2023 Sep 17