Braves have best rookie trio in MLB

Vaughn Grissom, Michael Harris II, and Spencer Strider are far and away the best group of rookies in the league.

Getting instant top tier production from a prospect you called up just a few days ago is rare. The Braves have now done it twice in one season. After calling up Vaughn Grissom, the Braves now have the best rookie trio in the MLB with Grissom, Spencer Strider, and Michael Harris II and its not particularly close.

During Saturday's edition of The Other Side of the Glass host Beau Morgan and Chris Thomas talked about the newcomers when asked if they are the best in the league.

Chris Thomas stated, "There isn't another team in the league that has two rookies playing at this level." What does that level look like?

Michael Harris II has quickly showed to be one of, if not the best, defensive player on the Braves his year in the infield. On the offensive side, he's hit to the tune of 11 HRs and 36 RBIs in just 66 games.

Spencer Strider took the role of starter after his production in later innings when the Braves were in some rough spots was undeniable. In 89 innings pitched, Strider has 138 strikeouts, which leads the team, and posted a 3.11 ERA.

The latest rookie to impress was called up less than a week ago, Vaughn Grissom, who in his first game in the majors hit a homerun in Boston over the green monster. He also has knocked in two RBIs in just two games played.

When asked, Beau Morgan countered and stated, "The better question is who will win Rookie of the Year between Strider and Harris?"

He went on to say that he wouldn't mind seeing them both win it as Co-Rookies of the Year.