Do fans give Atlanta sports too much of a pass?


Atlanta sports fans have endured a lot the past 30 years. From the Braves only winning one World Series in the midst of 14 division titles, the Falcons losing two Super Bowls badly, the Hawks never being a serious contender, and United winning a championship but mediocre since.

Through it all, Atlanta fans are somewhat quiet. Fans in Atlanta don't voice their opinion like New York or Boston fans. Atlanta fans voice their opinion with their wallet. If you're a loser, Atlanta fans will not come out and support the team.

Many pundits say that's being 'fair weather fans', but that's the South. Too nice to be mad or cause a problem, but should Atlanta fans start voicing their opinion more often?

What's the best way for fans to say that they're tired of mediocrity? Chris and Harry take calls and ask should fans be more vocal in Atlanta.