Even if they don't have a winning record, the Falcons are exciting again

Despite a perceived discrepancy in talent on their roster, the Atlanta Falcons have had a chance to win each of their first three games. Even if they aren't winning every game, Steak Shapiro is thrilled that this team is finally exciting again

After the third week of the NFL season, one thing seems to be clear: the Atlanta Falcons are an interesting team. Despite being 1-2, they have been within one score in each of their first three games and are maybe a play or two away from potentially being the top-ranked team in the NFC South.

Considering how many pundits had already written their obituary before the season began, the Falcons are in very good shape coming home for their matchup with Cleveland. On Tuesday morning, Steak Shapiro highlighted why he was especially excited about the Atlanta Falcons after what he's seen so far.

Steak Shapiro outlined the four things that he's seen from the Falcons that make them a must-watch commodity: "A: they've been highly entertaining; B: they play with passion; C: they have three legit weapons in Cordarrelle Patterson, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts; D: their offensive line has stood strong."

Most important of all, Steak continued, is that he is finally excited for Sundays again.

"The Atlanta Falcons are trying to sell two things," Steak Shapiro said, "Hope and belief that they have a plan and the second thing is that there is young talent [on the roster] that we can get excited about. I think they've checked both boxes."

This is what the Falcons wanted out of 2022. No, they are not a team that is going to go out and win a Super Bowl, but they are a team that makes you believe there is a goal in mind and a plan for how to get there.

The youth infusion is in full effect. Rookie wide receiver Drake London secured his second touchdown in as many games, second-year safety Richie Grant iced the game with his first career interception, and Kyle Pitts remains one of the most complete weapons in the NFL. Add in the $54 million wave of cap space that is waiting on the other side of the season and there is all the more reason to watch.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports