Hawks inconsistency is what keeps fans optimistic


The Atlanta Hawks had one of their best performances of the season last night in a 32-point win over the Phoenix Suns.

Atlanta Hawks Reporter and Nothin But Nest Podcast Host Caleb Johnson saw the game, saw the reaction afterwards from the players, and really isn't sure how to describe how the Hawks can look so good one night and easily beatable the next.

The overall inconsistency of the Hawks is what has made it near impossible to determine if General Manager Landry Fields considers the team to be buyers or sellers as we approach the trade deadline.

Despite any outside discussions, the team seems to be a close-knit unit, as shown by the team photo after the victory, and that's one of the biggest reasons fans still believe they can put things together and get at-least to the 6th seed if not higher.

There is no doubt the Hawks have the talent up-and-down the roster to go on a big run, but we've all sat and watched them lose to teams they have no business dropping games to as well, and so while the inconsistency of the team is certainly frustrating, it's also the biggest reason for hope that we have.

To listen to the entire interview with 92.9 The Game Hawks Reporter Caleb Johnson, press play below:

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports