Simple Falcons' formula for winning Sunday: Score the first touchdown

Team is 5-1 in Games Where they Score the First TD in 2022

It might seem redundant, but the formula for the Falcons to be successful Sunday against the Steelers and for the remainder of the 2022 season is simple - this team needs to score first.

When scoring the first TD in a game this year, the Falcons are 5-1. The only loss came at the hands of the Chargers early last month when Cameron Dicker kicked two fourth quarter field goals to give the Chargers a 20-17 win. However, wins came versus the Seahawks, Browns, 49ers, Panthers, and Bears when Atlanta was the first team to put up seven points.

Falcons broadcaster Wes Durham joined today's Steakhouse broke this down for Steak and Sandra, and why fast starts are imperative for this team going forward.

"When Atlanta starts fast and is scoring touchdowns, things start happening in a positive way the rest of the day", said Wes. "I just think early momentum, early success particularly on offense is critical in every game they're going to play the rest of the year."

It's easy to understand why that's the case, too. This is a team that can't afford to get behind early, and fast starts are even more imperative for them. This is a team that is more designed to play ahead rather than from behind with their ground attack on offense. Those fast starts allowed them to overcome costly turnovers in the Chicago and San Francisco games.

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