Vaughn Grissom, Future Braves DH?


Vaughn Grissom has gotten off to a great start to his career with the Atlanta Braves, but the biggest question over the young player's head is what will happen to him once Ozzie Albies returns to the Braves infield? Well the Braves might not even have to option the young player out from the Major League club, the most likely option is to plus him in as the DH.

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Could Vaughn Grissom be the answer to Braves DH issues?
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Coming into the season the question of who would be the Braves DH seemed to have a very-well answered question with Marcell Ozuna returning back to the team this season. However, with Ozuna having a .214 average with 20 home runs this season, those plans seemed to hit a few bumps in the road.
Since being called up to the Major League team on August 10, Grissom has had a .400 average and two home runs. Which is great, but if Albies returns where will that leave this young player? The easiest option here is to have him become the full-time DH, allowing the Braves to keep his powerful bat in the lineup, but still have Albies be the everyday second baseman for this team. If Albies does not return this season then this point is not worth being a worry, yet, but having Grissom become the full-time DH gives another play for this Braves team to keep another one of their powerful young players on the Major League roster.