What are realistic expectations for Hawks with addition of Murray?

Caleb and Garrett discuss what they believe realistic expectations should be for the Hawks now

While the dust has not yet settled for the Atlanta Hawks off-season, Atlanta’s trade to acquire Dejounte Murray has made it clear that the team is serious about making the necessary moves to make them a true contender in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. Since Hawks’ owner, Tony Ressler, said that the team would make moves this off-season to help the team improve, speculations began to surface that the team would look to move forward John Collins as they look to shake up the roster.

Fast forward to the start of the 2022 NBA free agency on Thursday, and the Hawks pulled the trigger on a trade for All-Star, Murray, a trade that had been rumored for the past few weeks. The addition of Murray brought some instant excitement to the many within the Atlanta fan base to point where some feel the team now will feature a solid back court. That includes 92-9 The Game’s Dopey Millennials duo of Caleb Johnson and Garrett Chapman.  “This is a sound defensive team all of a sudden seemingly,” Chapman tells Johnson with the edition of Murray.

Johnson would add to Chapman’s statement, that during several Hawks’ pressers, Hawks’ newly appointed General Manager, Landry Fields, made it clear that the team wanted to “get better defensively” and that he believes the addition of Murray and both brothers Aaron Holiday and Justin Holiday do take the team in the direction of getting better on the defensive end of the court. However, Johnson did tell Chapman that he was surprised by the Hawks not bringing Delon Wright, who signed with the Wizards, back to the team.

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