Who can the Falcons trust in the passing game?

No Kyle Pitts means someone needs to step up, but who?

While no time table is set it is clear that Falcons' star tight end, Kyle Pitts, will miss some time, and at this point in the season for the Falcons every game is significant. By no means does Atlanta have a prolific passing offense. They currently rank 30th in the NFL in passing yards on the season, behind only the Chicago Bears and the Tennessee Titans. On the flip side they are 2nd in the NFL in rushing yards.

However, if the Falcons want to have any level of sustained success against the Commanders, one of the best rushing defenses in the league, on Sunday and for seasons to come they will need to find a passing game. More importantly, they need to find a true number one pass catcher outside of Kyle Pitts. Abe Gordon spoke on the Falcons' lack of that top guy at the receiver spot on Saturday during the "Abe-T-L Show."

Drake London, the eighth overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, was brought in to be that unquestioned number one threat on the perimeter. There have been flashes for the former USC Trojan, but nothing on a consistent enough level to make the Falcons believe they won't need to address their wide out room this offseason.

Gordon brought up names like Jamar Chase and Justin Jefferson as young receivers who have firmly supplanted themselves as some of the best in the league in just their second and third years respectively. London has not done that, logging just 409 receiving yards on the season. In London's defense, he does not have the quarterbacks or offensive schemes that the others do, but his draft mate Chris Olave, who leads all rookies in receiving yards with 706, has been stellar in New Orleans with a mediocre quarterback and no Michael Thomas for the majority of the year.

Who can the Falcons turn to then? An offense that needs a boost in the passing attack could really use a jump start from one of the receivers in the room, but who if not Drake London. Could their passing woes be fixed with a quarterback change, maybe. Would a more pass-oriented offense alleviate some of the stress, absolutely. However, none of that matters if you don't have the talent on the perimeter to take advantage of those factors. For the Falcons, the jury is still out on if they have the necessary pieces.

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