Metallica Lands Over 1-Billion Spotify Streams In 2019


This is an impressive feat!

Metallica took to social media to celebrate their massive 2019 Spotify statistics. The band received over 1-billion streams for their music on the Spotify platform this year.

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"ONE. BILLION. STREAMS. 1,026 decades of Metallica music was streamed in 2019! Unreal! Thanks to the most dedicated fans in the world... you all are incredible!" the band captioned the post.

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Their music was listened to by 45.9 million people from 79 countries. The total amount of hours listened was 89.9 million. This image is of the artist's version of the Spotify Wrapped feature that allows a user access to this type of data. Fans also have the ability to see their listening history over the year.

Currently, the band has some festival appearances lined up but no other tour dates for 2020.