Ozzy Osbourne Is "Doing A Song" With Elton John


Definitely a collaboration a lot of people may not have seen coming!

On yesterday's episode of The Talk, Ozzy Osbourne's wife Sharon revealed plans about the Prince Of Darkness' upcoming work. "There is new music and it's great. He's got his friends playing on it. He’s doing a song with Elton [John>. There is so much good stuff."

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There's no details or anything yet, but the way Sharon talked about it made it seem like the collab could appear on Ozzy's upcoming album Ordinary Man due out later this year.

Last year, the "Straight To Hell" singer also collaborated on Post Malone's "Take What You Want," which ended up spawning the Andrew Watt connection that then delivered "Under The Graveyard."

There's certainly a lot of great Ozzy Osbourne material to look forward to in 2020!