Slipknot's Corey Taylor blames 'selfish' audience member for his COVID diagnosis

Taylor also shared that he's tested negative for COVID-19
Corey Taylor
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Corey Taylor recently had to cut his tour short as he tested positive for COVID-19. Now, he’s calling out “selfish” concertgoers that attended his show without following safety protocols.

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In a new interview, Taylor provided an update on his condition and pondered how he ended up contracting COVID-19 even though he was vaccinated. First of all, he revealed he tested negative for coronavirus and will finally be able to leave his hotel room in Denver, where he was quarantining.

Taylor then theorized that he ended up contracting coronavirus from a fan that was positive and attended his show. “I try to keep my mask up the entire time. You try to trust that people are vaccinated or they’re masking up and social distancing and at least testing negative before they go to something like that,” Taylor said.

“Sometimes you just run into those selfish people that don’t care about that,” he added. “I think that’s what happened to me — somebody came to one of my shows and was in the audience sick and probably got several people sick, man.”

Taylor hasn’t been shy about calling out those who go to concerts unvaccinated. Do I think it should be a requirement for people to be vaccinated to go to shows," the Slipknot singer previously said.

"Yes and no. Here’s the thing: there shouldn’t be a mandate, but guess what, man, if you’re going to put people at risk of getting sick, you shouldn’t want to go to a show. That’s common sense. And if you do put people at risk, then you’re a f***in’ a**hole. And you shouldn’t be let in anyway. For me, it’s a common-sense thing, but we don’t have a lot of common sense these days, man."

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