Belichick delivered an all-time press conference about Mac Jones' injury


When doubt, defeat, controversy or suspicion ever dare rear their head in Foxboro New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick knows how to dodge, deny and deflect with the best of them. He is a master of informational aikido, redirecting questions left and right with emotionless effort. In turn he ends up putting on a show at his weekly press conferences that is full of both frustration and funny. And today’s presser, with his quarterback injured, his team off to a sluggish start and a season potentially hanging in the balance, was vintage Belichick at his finest.

Facing a barrage of questions from local media about the condition of Mac Jones’ ankle, Bill Belichick told reporters he was improving “day by day”. Which in turn became the theme, if not new meme, of the day.

Time and again reporters, seemingly there to do their job, which Bill certainly should be in favor of, asked if there were any updates as to Mac returning to the field. Or if Mac would be at practice. Or how his healing is going? Time and again, Bill’s answer? “Day by day.”

His answer to Boston Herald reporter Karen Guregian’s questions as to whether Mac Jones did indeed have a high ankle sprain? “Day by day.”

How about when the Herald’s Andrew Callahan asked what the medical experts on staff had to ay about the condition of Mac’s ankle? You guessed it!

“Day. By. Day.”

Who knows? Maybe Belichick is a big “Godspell” fan. Almost would have been worth it to hear someone ask a complete non-sequitur just to see if they’d get the patented response du jour.

For the “In Bill We Trust” crowd, or those who love to see media charge up the hill, only to be rebuked time and again, today was likely an absolute delight, a four star performance. Previous pressers like this have given us such regional catchphrases as “It is what it is” and We’re on to Cincinnati” and of course who could forget, “Seattle.”

For those who’d just like to know how the second year QB is faring, or who will be under center for the Pats on Sunday in Green Bay? An infuriating frustration-fest. But what else is to be expected at this point?

Belichick, his staff and players are famous for revealing little to no information about a player’s well being, game planning, the emotional state of the team, anything. Patriots State Media always in almost full lockdown...unless you ask coach about Navy football, Rutgers, special teams or Johnny Hekker. Then you’ll get a veritable Ted Talk on his favorite topics. Just one of the ways they try and gain an upper hand in the modern NFL.

We did learn that if Mac Jones can’t go Sunday it would in fact be Brian Hoyer as the starting QB. So that’s good to know. As to how he’s preparing for the daunting task at hand?

Day. By. Day.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports