Dante Scarnecchia disputes Cam Newton's estimate on how NFL teams identify MIKE linebackers


A week following being released by the Patriots, Cam Newton put out a tell-all video detailing his release from his point of view.

In the video, he admitted how tough it was to grasp the Patriots offense and estimated 30 of 32 NFL teams have the linemen identify MIKE linebackers, but in New England it's the quarterback.

At the time many did not think that statement was accurate, and it was confirmed Saturday by former offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia on the Ken & Curtis show.

“No, it’s not accurate at all," he said. "I respect Cam Newton and I’m not calling him a liar or anything like that, I just know any time you watch a pro game [when] you can see the quarterback point to somebody he’s identifying the MIKE, and that happens a lot. There’s also some teams that have the center do it.

“Our feeling on having the quarterback do it — point the MIKE — is because the receivers have to know who the MIKE is too on certain situations where if they were bringing a blitz off the weak side, they would know. If the quarterback made the WILL the MIKE then they knew if the weak safety came then they would need to side adjust off that weak safety. It was all that and there’s a reason for everything so that we could be on the same page. Think of it as the quarterback, you want everybody on the same page and you can control that, so that was the whole mentality 20 years ago when we all started doing this stuff.”

Newton remains a free agent.