Devin McCourty on GHS discusses how Brian Flores firing indicates problem with NFL


During his weekly appearance Thursday on The Greg Hill Show, Devin McCourty was asked about Brian Flores being fired in Miami after three seasons, including back-to-back winning years.

McCourty indicated there seems to be an issue in the league where Black head coaches don't have the same leniency and maybe don't get as fair of a chance.

“It feels like he’s going to have quite a few interviews for a head-coaching job," McCourty said. "I think, obviously, Flo has done a great job down there — back-to-back winning seasons, and all of that. I think it also shows, you saw a lot of people tweeting, that just being a Black coach in the NFL, you don’t have the same type of leniency. You have a tighter leash when you go out there and coach.

"Now we’re down to two Black coaches in the NFL as head coaches. It will be interesting to see what happens this cycle around — does Flo get another opportunity, or [Eric] Bieniemy from Kansas City? I think it’s something that has been talked about with the league over the last few years and we’ll see if it improves or not. It was definitely surprising for people in that building from talking to my brother and also around the NFL. We’ll see how it all shakes out.”

Listen to all of McCourty's comments below, which begin around the 12:10 mark.

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