Come on, Tom. Are you really going to retire NOW?

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GHS - Is Tom Brady calling it a career?
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For years, Tom Brady has insisted he wants to play until he’s at least 45. Well, he’s only seven months away from his 45th birthday, and is still at the top of his game. On Sunday, he nearly completed one of the greatest comebacks of his storied career, right next to his heroic effort in Super Bowl LI.

Why would he stop now?

Last week, former Brady teammate Rob Ninkovich said it “wouldn’t surprise him” if Brady walked away, because he has nothing left to prove. “Right now, Tom is in bonus time,” Ninkovich said. “How many 44-year-old quarterbacks have we seen throw for the amount of yards and touchdowns (he has)? He'll be 45 in August. So, at this point right now, what else does he have to prove to anybody? What else does he have to check off the list?”

With all due respect to Ninko, that sentiment isn’t new. Brady has been in “bonus time” ever since Super Bowl LI, and yet, he’s kept on playing. It’s been five years since 28-3, and in that span, Brady has won two more Super Bowls and played in three. He just finished one of the most prolific seasons of his career, throwing for a league-leading 5,316 yards and 43 touchdowns. Bruce Arians’ incompetence is the only thing that stood in the way between Brady receiving a chance to break the Rams in overtime, and playing in his second straight NFC Championship.

Too bad coach didn’t tell his entire defense they were blitzing Matthew Stafford on his last throw of the game. That sounds like something that should’ve been communicated.

Prior to last week, there was nary a discussion about Brady calling it quits. But that changed when Seth Wickersham, who just authored a 469-page tell-all book about the rise and fall of the Patriots dynasty, predicted Brady would retire after Tampa Bay’s playoff run. On Sunday morning, ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington reported Brady was “noncommittal” about his playing future. When asked about his decision post-game, Brady said he was taking it “day by day.”

Each Brady triumph further enhances his mystique, and serves as the single greatest endorsement for his life’s work, the TB12 Method. Brady got clobbered Sunday, taking vicious hits after almost every throw. But he was still able to stand upright, and lead the Buccaneers on a furious second half comeback. Late in the fourth quarter, Brady connected with Mike Evans on a mesmerizing 55-yard score.

It was another unbelievable moment in a career that’s been full of them.

We know Gisele wants Brady to take off his pads. She’s made no secret about her distaste for the NFL’s never-ending brutality, from publicly musing about his history with concussions to bemoaning how her husband wants to feel “appreciated at work.” In recent years, Brady has increasingly spoken about his desire to spend more with his family, and relieve Gisele of some of her parenting duties.

With that in mind, nobody could fault Brady for walking away. But selfishly, it would stink. This movie just keeps getting better. Brady is now nearly 20 years older than the game’s top quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen, and he’s just as good as they are. Brady bested Mahomes in the Super Bowl last year.

Most deliciously, Brady has roasted Bill Belichick, who thought Brady was on the cusp of his demise when he drafted Jimmy Garoppolo in 2014.

Eight years later, we’re still waiting for Brady to show any signs of decline.
Back then, Brady said he would only entertain retirement when he stared to “suck.” We are a long way from that.

On Sunday, Brady showed how he can still entertain all of us. The show must go on.