It appears the Red Sox really wanted Jose Abreu


Why Jose Abreu is a good signing

The Astros really wanted Jose Abreu, and because of their focus on the first baseman/designated hitter they got him.

It turns out the Red Sox had the same idea, but not the same execution.

While it has been reported that the Guardians also were prepared to give the 35-year-old the same three years he hauled in from Houston, the Astros clearly were willing to go above and beyond when it came to the actual money. That resulted in a Tuesday press conference in Houston to celebrate Abreu's $60 million deal.

The Red Sox' motivation to bring on Abreu isn't a complicated one, with the right-handed hitter seemingly a good fit as a right-handed-hitting first base complement to Triston Casas as well as the Sox' designated hitter.

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