Listen: Mike Lombardi pushes back against notion that Patriots were poorly coached


One of the storylines with the Patriots following their Wild Card loss to the Bills was that they were a poorly coached team this season -- one of the worst in the Bill Belichick era.

Appearing on Merloni & Fauria, former Patriots executive Mike Lombardi pushed back against that notion.

“I would not agree with that at all," he said Friday. "I think they were a team — they have a rookie quarterback and I think they make rookie mistakes like rookie quarterbacks often do. They overcame it. They had a nice win streak. I think it was a huge step forward. I think it was a huge step forward for their team."

Lombardi was reminded of all the special teams issues this year and he defended Belichick.

“I think to me, look, I mean I have watched the man work. He’s the best coach in football," he said. "You can say that, but there’s no better coach. And the reality is they were the No. 1 special teams unit in the league last year. They didn’t get it done this year. That’s one of the things that probably bothers him more than anything, the fact they had those problems on special teams, which is an area usually of strength.”

It is worth mentioning Lombardi's son, Mick, is the Patriots' wide receivers coach.

Listen to more of Lombardi defending the Patriots' coaches below (starts around 5:00 mark).

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