New York Times bemoans possibility of Brady-Belichick Super Bowl

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The New York Times is bemoaning the possibility of a Brady vs. Belichick Super Bowl.

As if you needed another reason to root for the iconic clash.

Sportswriter Mike Tanier compared the feeling of watching Bill Belichick battle Tom Brady in Super Bowl LVI to a “weeklong cross-country bus ride seated between a colicky infant and someone with onion breath shouting along to a Limp Bizkit playlist while the person behind you kicks your seat and the bus engine keeps backfiring.”

I guess somebody should buy Tanier bus tickets, and get ready to give him the nookie.

Stick it up your … (Yeah).

As the Patriots continue to win, expect more of these laments to pop-up in national publications, especially if they beat the Bills Monday night in Orchard Park. That would place the Patriots 1.5 games ahead of Buffalo in the AFC East, and seemingly ensure another divisional title.

Twenty-one years in, Belichick seems to have beaten his opponents into submission. Ex-NFL players and coaches were lauding the Patriots before the regular season even started, and comparing Mac Jones to Brady. Rex Ryan, who once called Jets season ticket holders and urged them to “make it miserable” for the Patriots,” has repeatedly said this is Belichick’s best coaching job ever.

Though the Buccaneers are slumping a bit — they’ve lost to Washington and New Orleans over the last month and barely squeaked by the Colts Sunday — they’ll likely glide to the finish line. Their final six games come against opponents with 7-17 records since Nov. 1, including the Jets.

Aaron Rodgers could be the only person capable of stopping Brady on his way to his 11th Super Bowl. Imagine the animus NFL fans must feel if they're forced to pull for Rodgers.

While Tanier throws in some good jabs — it's a well-written and funny piece — he relies on the same argument as many Patriots doubters: they haven’t beaten anyone. But it’s not the Patriots' fault the league is filled with mediocrity.

The Bills, for example, have only beaten one team with a winning record.

The Patriots’ rise follows a legitimate trajectory. They narrowly lost to the Bucs and Cowboys before going on their six-game tear, which appropriately began with a 41-point blowout win over the Jets.

Deep down, everyone knows this isn’t a fluke. Football Outsiders pegs the chances of Patriots-Bucs clash at 14.8%, the highest probability of any matchup.

Let the caterwauling begin.