Dante Scarnecchia gives good insight into Bill Belichick calling players out during team meetings


In an interview with The Boston Herald this week, Tom Brady's personal trainer and good friend Alex Guerrero said Bill Belichick did not evolve with the quarterback during Brady's time with the Patriots.

Guerrero said Belichick was treating Brady like he was in his 20s even though he was in his 40s. Some of that had to do with still getting called out during team meetings.

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Appearing on the Ken & Curtis show Saturday morning, former Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia gave some good insight on these team meetings.

“I think the tense time as you said always would happen early in the process, early in the year if a prominent starter was called out in a film study, in a team film study, and that’s where Bill did a lot of his best work," he said. "To me, what that quickly showed everybody, and listen, coaches we weren’t [left out], either. We all got tossed into that deal. The thing about it is if you’re all sitting in that same meeting saying holy mackerel, he’s saying this about this player, that’s Tom Brady over there. That means, what’s he going to say about me? That to me just shows hey look, there’s no sacred cows in here, fellas. If your skin’s a little thin you’d better thicken it up because this is a tough place.

“Everybody has affixed this term ‘Patriot Way.’ Honestly, I never heard that term said in any meeting that I’ve ever been in. No one’s ever used that term in any staff meeting that I’ve ever been in: The Patriot Way. I’ve never heard that. But I also know, yes, there are things that happen there that are indigenous to the Patriot culture, and one of them is there’s no sacred cows. If you’re a little bit sensitive to being called out for doing something wrong, then you’ve got the wrong approach. I think everybody understands that.”

As for who is he pulling for in next week's game, Scarnecchia wouldn't say.

“Really? What am I supposed to say about that? I am a Patriot guy through and through," he said. "I wish Tom nothing but the greatest success and the greatest of health going forward and I’ll just pretty much leave it at that. He’s a special guy and that place is a special place to me and my family. Mr. Kraft and Bill have done a lot for us as a family and gave me a job for 20 years. I am never going to go against them. I wish Tom nothing but the greatest success and the greatest of health going forward and I’ll just leave it at that.”