Sunday 7: Why Matthew Slater doesn’t like social media


1. Social media is obviously very popular these days when it come to athletes. Of the 53 players on the active Patriots roster, only two do not have a social media account — Matthew Slater and Nelson Agholor, although Agholor’s foundation is on Instagram. Speaking this week, Slater discussed the negativity that comes with social media, which is ultimately why he’s not on it. “Certainly, I always tell those guys you can’t let people that you don’t know and you’ll never meet speak into your life,” he said. “You really have to be careful about who you allow to speak into your life and how you allow them to speak into your life. Unfortunately, I think social media gives some of these guys tens of thousands of people access to them that they normally wouldn’t have. … And then as far as people who want to spew negativity on social media, you can’t empower that. You can’t let those people have power and speak negatively into your life. That takes a great deal of maturity. Shoot, if I was that mature I would probably have social media and it wouldn’t be an issue. For me, I know myself and I know I can’t have social media, and that is part of the reason why I don’t. The landscape has changed. There are certainly some good things that come along with social media, but there are a lot of bad things that I think probably outweigh some of the good things you’ll see.” It is an unique perspective and view on things, but that could come with 36 years and being the oldest player on the roster.

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2. A theme this week with Mac Jones and the rest of the Patriots when it comes to his lack of throws down the field has been taking what the defense gives you. This seems to be what has played out the first two games of the year. The short passes have been there for the Patriots offense, so they have taken advantage of that. It’s not worth forcing throws down the field when it’s not necessary, especially with a rookie quarterback.

3. Ahead of being honored at Sunday’s Patriots-Saints game, Julian Edelman did a lengthy conference call with reporters to discuss retiring, what it’s like being in the media now and also what he thinks of the Patriots this season. He also was asked what the most memorable play of his career was and he immediately said the third-and-14 reception late in Super Bowl XLIX against Seattle when he took a huge hit from Kam Chancellor. The play perfectly defined him as a player.

4. Speaking of Edelman, Jakobi Meyers probably wouldn’t be the player he is today without his encouragement and support. “That’s honestly something Jules would talk to me about when I first got here,” Meyers said to reporters this week. “He would always tell me he saw the talent that I had, he saw that I could make plays, but he would just feel like there were times where he didn’t see the confidence in me to go out there and perform to the best of my ability, which he saw. So here, Year 3, I feel like I’m a lot more confident, I understand the playbook a lot better, I know my teammates a lot better, and I just feel like I can do a lot more to help this team.”

5. It will be interesting to see what the Patriots do at running back this week. Will Rhamondre Stevenson return to action after being a healthy inactive in Week 2 following his fumble in Week 1? Does Damien Harris’ finger injury limit him at all? Regardless, it could be another big James White day in terms of catching passes, but also as a change-up back.

6. According to TicketiQ, tickets for the Patriots-Buccaneers game next week start at $515. Lower-level seats start at just under $840, with prices going as high as $22,000+ for sideline seats at midfield. Over the last decade, the only game that was more expensive to get in was Brady's last Super Bowl banner raising opening game at Gillette Stadium against the Steelers in 2019 where the cheapest ticket was going for $535. The next most expensive get-in ticket in the NFL this season is the Chiefs-Raiders game in Las Vegas Nov. 14 ($353).

7. ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown will be broadcasting live from Gillette Stadium next Sunday. The set will be just outside the Patriots Hall of Fame and fans are invited to attend (free of charge). The show includes Tedy Bruschi, Randy Moss, Matt Hasselbeck, Rex Ryan and Sam Ponder.