These 2 stretches will tell us if Celtics are a championship team


The Celtics’ 2023-24 schedule was released last week, and Jon Lyons and KJ Carson broke it down on WEEI on Thursday while filling in on The Rich Keefe Show. KJ is looking forward to the Celtics playing the Miami Heat in Boston’s home opener on Oct. 27 to see if they can overtake the team that eliminated them in last year’s Eastern Conference Finals.

Lyons believes there are two stretches that will tell Celtics fans if the revamped roster and coaching staff is ready to win a championship.

“The first stretch is the last week and a half of November,” Lyons said. “They play Milwaukee on a Wednesday night. We know how good Milwaukee is and they’re going to be there in the Eastern Conference Finals. Then they play Orlando on Black Friday. This was a team they struggled against last year because they couldn’t put away bad teams last year. Can they do that now? Then they play Atlanta, another playoff team, and then on Friday, Dec. 1, they play Philly.”

The second stretch comes later in the season as the Celtics gear up for the playoffs.

Lyons: “This, to me, will really answer if they can win a championship. First two weeks of March. On March 1 they play Dallas at home, then they play Golden State at home. Then they go to Cleveland, another playoff team, then they go to Denver and play the defending NBA champs. Next they go to Phoenix, then Portland, then Utah, and then they come home on March 14 and play Phoenix.

“So, those two stretches are key for different reasons. I already think they’re the favorite to win a championship, but if they play well during those two stretches, then I’m going to look at them as a team that will win a championship.”

For the full discussion, including the guys’ thoughts on the new in-season tournament, listen to the full segment above.

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