Vrabel before playoff game: 'We're gonna knock Tom Brady's d— off'


At the time, you had a feeling that the matchup between the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots in Jan. 4, 2020 might be final time that Tom Brady played a home game at Gillette Stadium.

We now know that it was, as Brady and the Patriots would part ways following 2019 season, with Brady -- then a six-time Super Bowl Champion -- signing a two-year deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in free agency that offseason.

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The benefit of hindsight makes the Wild Card matchup that much more interesting to look back on.

Before the tilt, Brady even posted a hype video, one that seemingly referred to Brady and the Patriots as lions, while insinuating that the Titans were jackals:

In Seth Wickersham’s new book “It’s Better to Be Feared” -- which chronicles what made the Brady-Bill Belichick duo so successful and also led to their eventual split -- the author recalls how Vrabel used that video as motivation for his players. He even had a pregame message to someone simply referred to as “one of the quarterback’s friends” about what they would do to the three-time Super Bowl Champion in what turned out to be Brady’s final game with the Patriots: