Waltham fully embraces Kyle Schwarber, makes him an honorary citizen


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"Kyle from Waltham" is now actually a citizen of Waltham... well, an honorary one, at least.

The Waltham City Council officially recognized Red Sox slugger Kyle Schwarber as an honorary citizen Tuesday night, according to a post from city councilor Joey LaCava.

The "Kyle from Waltham" nickname has been spreading thanks to Barstool Sports' Section 10 podcast, with the idea being that Schwarber fits in so well in Boston that he might as well be a local.

It reached new heights Monday night when Schwarber, fresh off hitting a grand slam in the Red Sox' Game 3 win over the Astros, arrived at the podium for his postgame press conference wearing a Waltham Hawks shirt.

Waltham wasted no time going all-in on embracing the Schwarber phenomenon, with the city's official Twitter account beaming with pride Tuesday morning.

By the end of the day, Schwarber had an ice cream named after him at Waltham's Pizzi Farm, a video message from the Waltham Boys & Girls Club, and now an honorary Waltham citizenship.