What Mac Jones said following Patriots' loss to Bills, including looking ahead to Year 2

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ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Mac Jones was obviously frustrated following the Patriots' 47-17 loss to the Bills Saturday night in Buffalo, which ended their season, but he also noted how he will be better next season.

The rookie explained several areas where he will be better just being in his second year, and also a way he will look to improve this offseason.

“It goes back to practice and just holding everybody to a higher standard," Jones said. "I know that I’m a rookie or whatever, but I could have done a better job of just holding everybody to that standard, myself included. I think we’ll make a lot of progress in the offseason with that and my leadership and just being myself. Sometimes it shows on the field, but it is a result of how we prepare. We put a lot of effort into it, it’s not like we don’t do that, but I think the little things show up in the game. Like tonight just the little things, myself included. That’s just something I learned and I’ll try and watch the tape and learn from it. … Hopefully we’ll get the chance to have a really good offseason and funnel it into next year and that’s all you can do.”

Jones was certainly not the reason why the Patriots lost Saturday night. He finished 24-for-38 passing with 232 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. One interception was a terrific play by safety Micah Hyde and the other came off a deflection.

The Patriots should feel good about what they have at the quarterback position.

“I think you get more comfortable with anything you do, anything you do in life," Jones said. "I always relate it back to being a pilot. Like if you’re a pilot and you’ve only flown so many times, by the time you have hundreds of flight hours it’s just an everyday thing for you. For me, obviously I was a rookie and I played like that sometimes, and I shouldn’t have and I could have played better. That’s my goal this offseason, just to advance and bring the guys along with me. We have great players all around me and I know we have a lot of progress to make and I’ll feel a lot more comfortable with anything you do a second time around — schedule, routine, everything.”

While the Patriots have some decisions to make on a number of free agents, they will bring back the core players on offense, which seems like a good thing.

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