Retired four-star air force officer, General Larry Spencer discusses Jordan Neely's recent death at the hands of a Marine

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General Larry Spencer is a former 4 Star air force general who also serves as Chairman/President of 5-Star Life Insurance Company and as President of the Armed Forces Benefit Association. spoke on The Rashad Richey Morning Show on Thursday morning to discuss the tragic incident that recently occurred on a New York City subway. Given Mr. Spencer's impressive background as a retired Air Force general, Dr. Rashad thought this would be a great conversation for the listeners to hear from someone who understands what it's like to be on the job and to provide us with some background into potentially understanding what the person who choked the young man out may have been thinking.

Rashad asked Mr. Spencer to share with the audience his feelings after witnessing Mr. Neely being choked by a marine to begin the conversation. "It was incredibly difficult. For the majority of us, George Floyd probably came to mind. General Spencer said. He continued by pointing out the parallels between the current circumstance and earlier brutalities that had taken place in this way. It wasn't difficult to realize that the General had been personally impacted by this and didn't support the actions that were taken. He continued to elaborate on how, in his opinion, this situation was entirely distinct even though there were similarities to George Floyd's circumstances. Rashad interjected and expressed his views on the statement made.

Dr. Rashad kept the conversation going by asking Mr. Spencer about his book, Dark Horse: General Larry O. Spencer and His Journey from the Horseshoe to the Pentagon. He also spoke about how assimilation can result in injustices. According to Mr. General Spencer, that dynamic was actually intriguing for him and his wife to unpack, and there was no indication that doing so would be difficult for them. He described how it would feel to be the only African Americans in the room when they attended events, how people would approach him and inquire about his disability while he was unaware of what they were talking about, and even how they would mistake his wife for one of the staff members at these events they would attend.

To hear the entire conversation between Dr. Richey and Retired Air Force General Larry Spencer, download the link above.--

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