Javon Johnson from BET's The Oval joins Rashad Richey Morning show to announce his upcoming play "Sanctified"

Javon Johnson
Photo credit Robinson Squared

On Wednesday morning, Javon Johnson from BET's The Oval TV Series, joined The Rashad Richey Morning Show to announce his upcoming play, Sanctified, that will debut on May 13 at St James UMC in Alpharetta. The play is a musical comedy about the traditional African American church realizing they might need to change in order to advance.

Rashad posed a question regarding Mr. Johnson's prior endeavors, which brought him to the point where he is today, hosting his upcoming play "Sanctified," to begin the dialogue. Rashad also asked Mr. Johnson about his experience working with the renowned Tyler Perry on set. Johnson stated, "One of the great things about Tyler Perry is he keeps a family and he builds careers." Regarding his interactions with Mr. Tyler Perry, Mr. Johnson was only able to speak positively.

Mr. Johnson started out by discussing his childhood and how it relates to the current play, making it even more important. He talked about growing up in a small town in Hampton, South Carolina, and the discoveries he made about his church when passing through it frequently throughout his matriculation. He noticed progressive changes occurring both quickly and drastically within his church, and he found it fascinating when a young pastor entered to attempt and steer the congregation in a different way.

This ultimately turned out to be the event that gave rise to the concept for his future play, "Sanctified." "How do we not allow tradition to be a crutch, but rather a foundation for how we build into the future and evolve?" he asked himself. This provided him the motivation he required to take all the necessary steps to realize this vision.

When Dr. Rashad asked Mr. Johnson if he would suggest this route as a multigenerational outing, Johnson enthusiastically said, "Absolutely, let me explain why."

To hear the entire conversation between Dr. Richey and Javon Johnson , download the link above.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Robinson Squared