For Falcons, 'explosives offense' doesn't have to mean quick-strike


Despite it being "the offseason", it's been a busy few days for Atlanta Falcons QB Desmond Ridder, who threw out the first pitch at the Braves game on Sunday and appeared on NFL Network's Good Morning Football on Monday.

While Ridder spoke on a number of subjects, one of the comments that got the most attention was when he discussed the team drafting Bijan Robinson and what that means overall for the offense.

The Atlanta Falcons averaged 21.5 points per game a year ago, far off the average of the league-leading Chiefs who put up 29.2 ppg. While the jump doesn't have to be that dramatic, even average 25 points each week would have had the Falcons in the top 10 in the league.

While the Falcons could have an improved offense under Ridder with Bijan Robinson, Jonnu Smith, and the other additions, along with a healthy Kyle Pitts, that doesn't mean it will resmeble the other top offenses in the NFL.

Some may consider "explosive offenses" to be quick-strike offenses with shorter scoring drives, and while that may not be the expectation for the Falcons, they still hope to be among the more difficult offenses to keep out of the end zone.

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