NFL Draft: How can Falcons find a Nick Chubb clone outside the first round?

Javonte Williams was "the Alpha of the Alphas."

The Atlanta Falcons have many options when it comes to holding the No. 4 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Analysts, and those in the media, are divided when it comes to who the Falcons will pick from quarterback to offensive lineman to defensive end.

NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah joined Andy and Randy on Wednesday to talk about a number of potential draft picks for the Falcons, including Atlanta's options when it comes to selecting a running back outside of the first round.

"I know we talk about (Travis) Etienne and Najee (Harris) but Javonte Williams from North Carolina is a stud," Jeremiah told Andy and Randy.

"I talked to somebody's that's been around him and had been at Georgia, and he said the similarities between him and Nick Chubb--like not only as players but just as kind of people, like this dude is all ball."

When you look at a team environment, how many times can you say a running back has been the leader of a team? Jeremiah said that's exactly who Williams is.

"They said this dude was the leader of the North Carolina football team. He was the Alpha of the Alphas; all business, all football, and then you put on the tape and he's 5-10, 220 pounds, he can do everything.

"To me if you're a Falcons fan, you want to get fired up and excited about somebody you could take outside the first round, right there at the top of the second round, man Javonte Williams--I would be stoked if you could pull that off."