Falcons didn't get beat doing what they do best in Washington

Jon Chuckery explains why Arthur Smith made the wrong call against the Commanders

The Atlanta Falcons’ gut-wrenching loss to the Washington Commanders has been pretty well documented now, and Jon Chuckery agrees with the masses. Jon believes passing the ball on 2nd & goal from the Commanders’ 4-yard line was the wrong call, and Chuckery explained why Tuesday night on The Jon Chuckery Show.

The Falcons have had a dominant rushing offense all season long. Their rushing attack currently ranks fourth in the NFL averaging 160 yards per game. Sunday was no different in Landover, Maryland as the Falcons were averaging 5.8 yards per rush against the Commanders, over 4.5 yards per rush on that final drive.

“If you’re gonna get beat, get beat with your best," said Chuckery. "And the Falcons dropping back and throwing, it is not what’s best for them.”

Jon understands and addresses the fact that Cordarrelle Patterson was open on the play.

“When you do anything that is not your best then you’re asking for trouble," said Chuckery. "I don’t care that Patterson was open. I don’t care that Payne made a play. It’s still not your best play call.

“I understand Patterson was open, hell every play you design is always supposed to be open right, or you wouldn’t run it. If you didn’t think he was going to be open you wouldn’t run the play, but that’s not your best play, and if you’re going to lose down there, lose with your best. They didn’t lose with their best, that’s what my problem is.”

What does Jon think is the Falcons best play call you might ask? He said it himself “Line it up, run it over the right hand side of your offensive line, run behind [Chris] Lindstrom, run behind [Kaleb] McGary.” The old adage is “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Well, the Atlanta Falcons running game and play-calling certainly wasn’t broken on that final drive, so why change when you’re four yards away from winning the game?

Arthur Smith has done a great job this season with a team that was never expected to do much in 2022. The second-year head coach has given this team an identity, but didn’t stay true to it in crunch time against the Commanders. Hopefully this was a lesson learned, because now Smith and the Falcons find themselves in a must-win game in their Week 13 matchup at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday.

Featured Image Photo Credit: © Geoff Burke | 2022 Nov 27