Who deserves blame for the Falcons offensive problems?


The Atlanta Falcons were shutout in a Thursday night loss to the New England Patriots just 4 days after only being able to manage a field goal against the Dallas Cowboys.

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It was a season that began with concerns about the defense but trust in the offense and ten games in that has largely flipped.

The Falcons defense provided their best effort of the season last night against the Patriots only to see it wasted by an offense that couldn't score, couldn't give the defense a rest, and couldn't even sustain drives.

So what has led to the offensive breaking down as the season has progressed? While there are a few legitimate excuses, there's no shortage of blame to go around.

Certainly one can look at injuries and depth as an issue, you can blame past regimes for the lack of overall talent and misses in the draft, and you can blame play-calling and design as well.

Despite the issues, the team does believe they can have more success on offense and with the eventual return of Cordarrelle Patterson and hopefully Calvin Ridley as well, they can turn things around on that side of the ball.