30-year-old mom of 6 dies of COVID after giving birth: ‘Just unbelievable’


For more than a decade, Ashley Gomez worked as a nurse and enjoyed helping others.

The 30-year-old mother of six worked in a congregate setting in Los Angeles, California most recently, Today reported.

As Gomez began to develop COVID-19 symptoms, she waited to go to the hospital because she wanted to make sure first that those who were seriously ill received the help they needed before she did.

“She just cared about others. She waited to go to the hospital herself. She’s like, ‘Mom, there could be a bed for someone who needs it more than me,’” her mom, Veronica Gornick, said. “But she was getting so bad with her breathing, oh my gosh. By the fifth day, I convinced her to go.”

Gomez, who was 37 weeks pregnant, went to the hospital on December 18. Shortly after, the mother gave birth to baby Corey via emergency cesarean section.